There were so many days when I thought love wasn't coming my way.
I thought it was just a joke, a story little girls had spoke,
an after thought in a modern woman's world.
But today I can finally see that love is simply meant for me.
It wasn't an easy road, or a short one at that.
But now that it's here, now that I can finally taste it,
my love is clear, I can finally hold it.

You gave me breath again,
with the love you give.
You show me everyday,
that it's alright to feel this way.
I can never go wrong being who I am,
I will always feel strong knowing that I

have the love within
You gave me love within
We've got the love within
I've got the love within

There were so many nights
I'd toss and turn thinking that this couldn't be right.
I knew I had so much to give it was only a matter of time
before I found the man who would be mine.
But behold, there was no searching involved,
he showed me love could happen to me.
He made me feel beautiful, by being honest with me.
He said the beauty within me radiates for the whole world to see,
and because he got lucky enough to see it

I gave him breath again
with the love I give.
I show him everyday
that it's alright to feel this way.
He can never go wrong
being who he is,
he will always feel strong knowing that he's

Got the love within

Love within (7xs)

You are so special, you bring me peace of mind,
making my life better, one step at a time.
We go together like Lennon and peace,
It's so natural this love
we will always be free!

Love within


from Allegiance to Love, released August 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds

Soul:n: the immaterial part of a person, the human embodiment of something. The Soul Nerds are a group of individuals brought together for a common goal; to share their souls with the listener through the music they play. Musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Donny Hathaway, American Folk Music, D'Angelo, Jill Scott, James Taylor and many others. Let us share our souls with you. ... more

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